Xiaomi launches shop on wheels to expand sales in India


Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is famous for maintaining a very elaborate online sales scheme, with lightning-fast cell phone launches that sell out in record time in some countries. However, this time, the company’s new project is a completely offline business model.

The company’s idea was unofficially named “# MiStore-on-wheels”, or “Mi Store on wheels”. The goal is to take cell phones, bracelets, TV boxes, batteries, headphones and other smart devices to regions of the country that are far from large shopping centers or have difficulties in delivery.

The project is exclusive to India, where the Chinese brand is one of the market leaders.

Think of a food truck, but with the marketing of products from the Chinese manufacturer instead of preparing fast foods. The kiosk will follow all the social distancing and health care practices needed during the new coronavirus pandemic and will also serve as a kind of customer service point, to receive suggestions and criticisms about the format.

According to the global vice president of the Indian division of Xiaomi, Manu Kumar Jain, the project was ready in just 40 days. At least for now, the company’s mobile store will be restricted to the local market.

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