Xiaomi Launches Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 for R$ 3,900


Xiaomi announced, this Tuesday (8), the launch in Brazil of the vacuum cleaner Mi Vaccum Cleaner G10. The product can already be found on the official e-commerce of the Chinese brand for R$ 3.9 thousand.

According to the company, the vacuum cleaner offers up to 66 minutes of use on just one charge, high suction power, versatility when vacuuming, sweeping and wiping, in addition to a removable battery.

The Mi Vaccum Cleaner G10 has three suction modes: Eco (for spot cleaning); Standard (used in routine cleaning) and High Power (for heavy cleaning needs).

The battery fits into the base of the device’s body and has a quick-fit system. If the user wants, he can easily change the item and then continue carrying out home cleaning.

Also according to Xiaomi, the vacuum cleaner performs five stages of filtration and has a washable HEPA filter, ensuring efficiency and practicality and retaining up to 99.97% of impurities in the air. It is also possible to separate the filters and clean them individually whenever necessary.

The company cites that the equipment’s brush was developed to remove even the deepest dirt found in rugs. The V-shaped bristles are capable of covering any surface or unevenness without damaging the finishes.

The vacuum also has a TFT screen, which displays information about battery level, charging, operating modes and more details.


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