Xiaomi launches Its Newest Smartphone: the POCO X3 GT 5G


Xiaomi: This Monday (02) the Android Police website presented leaked images of a supposed version of Google Translator that could arrive at the launch of Pixel 6. The current design of the translator platform — one of Google’s most famous apps — dates from 2018.

XDA Developers has ‘unmounted’ the application code and the 6.21 APK cites a new Material You interface for the translator. It was clear that the new model is still under development, as some of the buttons are not working properly when starting the program. Check out the screenshots of the supposedly updated look below:

The new model was all designed to improve practicality, which is the focus of Android 12. It is possible to identify that the change in the position of the buttons — concentrated at the bottom of the screen — demonstrate the concept of one-handed usability, which makes sense with the ad of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, with 6.4″ and 6.7″ screens respectively.

It’s still not possible to know when the revamped Google Translate will be released and whether the app will have an exclusivity time for Android 12 or Google phones. More details are expected to be announced until October, with the launch of Pixel 6 and the new edition of the operating system.


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