Xiaomi launches its new cheap laptop RedmiBook 14


Xiaomi is one of the Chinese companies that has the most importance in the technological landscape. Like another competing firm, it has also diversified its business to other devices that do not have to do with telephony, which in some cases it has named after its subsidiaries. And here we have to talk about the new member of the Redmi family, which is the RedmiBook 14.

This is the new cheap laptop from Redmi

In the world of computers, not everything is power. Users are looking for a device that meets their needs efficiently and, why not, spending just enough. The average user is satisfied with something simple, that supports office applications in multitasking and that where he can watch movies or surf the Internet. And with this description, the RedmiBook 14 may be a perfect fit.

It is Xiaomi’s new cheap computer, named after the mid-range of its famous phones. In this case, we find a small computer, 14 inches on the screen, very thin thanks to its 16.85 mm thickness and a weight that reaches 1.3 kg. Regarding its design, it should be noted that it follows the line of Apple with its MacBook, of which we will know its novelties this afternoon, although it does not incorporate such advanced improvements as a touch screen on top of the keyboard.

Continuing with the specification sheet, on the outside we see connections such as the 3.5 mm minijack, HDMI port, two USB A ports (one type 3.0 and the other 2.1) and two type C. If we go inside the device we have a computer that mounts a 10th generation Intel i3 processor accompanied by 8 GB of RAM, Intel graphics card and a 256 GB ROM in SSD format.

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The smallest version of the new RedmiBook

Xiaomi has already presented the new device of the RedmiBook 14 family, designed to offer the most basic service you can ask for from a PC. This would close the entire RedminBook range, which already had other configuration models that are clearly more powerful processor and graphics card (specifically, they use Intel’s i5 and i7 chips).

As for the price and its availability, you should know that it has been released in China at the moment and that its price is around 422 euros at the exchange rate. We will have to wait to know the plans that the Chinese company has to put it in the western market.


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