Xiaomi launches electric “motorcycle” cheaper than a cell phone


Xiaomi has launched in China two new models of electric scooters of very low cost and with advanced features for navigation. A1 and A1 Pro are being marketed through the company’s crowdfunding platform, called Youpin, and manufactured by partner company 70mai.

A1 and A1 Pro
The two models of scooters are very similar. The difference is that the Pro model has some extras for those who want more convenience to control navigation.

Both models are compact and lightweight, weighing around 52 pounds. They seem like the perfect vehicle for small people. Although Xiaomi did not specify, the Electrek assumes that the engine is about 750 W.

They also have a 48 V electrical system, complete suspension, front disc brakes, on-board computer with color screen, GPS, integrated camera to record the route in 1080p (with 130º angle), removable battery (which can be charged outside) vehicle) and support voice commands.

In the case of the A1 Pro, the camera’s memory is internal and the color screen is touch sensitive. A1 requires an external memory card.

The maximum speed on both scooters reaches up to 25 km / h, which is the limit for this type of electric vehicle in China.

Another difference in characteristics that may justify the price difference is due to the autonomy. The A1 model has a 768 Wh battery and a 60 km range. The A1 Pro has a 960 Wh battery and a 70 km range.

During the launch period, scooters are being marketed at discounted prices. The A1 is going for $ 424and the A1 Pro is costing $ 566

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Subsequently, the vehicles will be sold for the values ​​suggested by Xiaomi, being US $ 523 (for the A1, and US $ 655 for the A1 Pro.

These prices are lower than those charged by some of the company’s top-of-the-line smartphones.


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