Xiaomi launches children’s smart watch with two cameras and 5G


Xiaomi has launched a new smart watch aimed at children. Mi Bunny Children’s Watch 4 stands out for the presence of a dual camera, 5G and integrated GPS, which allow parents to make calls and know the exact location of their children. In addition, the sensors allow guardians to observe the child and the surroundings.

The smartwatch hit the Chinese market this Friday (3) for the starting price of 899 yuan, about R $ 670 in direct conversion. There is no forecast for launch in Brazil.

As it is a children’s smart watch, Mi Bunny Children’s Watch 4 allows you to control the user. Among the main features of the device are the two high definition cameras. The wearable has a sensor on the front and another on the side, both 5 MP. The cameras allow those responsible to monitor the child’s face and the environment where he is.

Mi Bunny Children’s Watch 4 features a 1.78 inch AMOLED display and support for fifth generation networks. The features allow video calls between the user and the responsible person anywhere. In addition, the gadget also features VoLTE technology, allowing voice calls over 4G.

According to Xiaomi, the location system works in more than 200 countries. In addition, the Chinese giant claims that the watch has a system of algorithms that makes it possible to visualize the user’s positioning accurately. The watch also features NFC technology, allowing payment on the public transport system by approach.

To complement the parental and guardian control tools, Mi Bunny Children’s Watch 4 allows you to set up whitelists for calls and text messages. In addition, it is also possible to prevent interruptions during school hours.

The device also has an Artificial Intelligence system in English that aims to help the child in language development by providing activities and reviews. The watch features a 920 mAh battery that promises to be able to charge enough for up to eight days at rest.


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