Xiaomi Launches 120W Recharge: 100% Battery in 17 Minutes


Xiaomi presented on Wednesday (15) the brand’s new top-of-the-line cell phones, Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro. The big news was the use of HyperCharge technology in the Pro version. With it, the device can be fully charged in just one 17 minutes, thanks to the ultra-fast 120W charger, available in the box of the device.

The technology, while long-awaited, was also heavily criticized. That’s because many users have come to believe that charging 120W could degrade battery life, which has 5,000 mAh of capacity.

security tests

During the Xiaomi 11T Pro launch event, the company stated that numerous tests were carried out to ensure the device’s safety against the new technology. According to the Chinese, the cell phone has nine sensors to monitor the temperature in real time, more than 30 security mechanisms for charging, in addition to having TÜV Rheinland safety certification.

The company also claims that the smartphone can withstand up to 800 recharge cycles before the battery starts to degrade, a number higher than the market average. According to the company, current cell phones begin to lose their capacity to hold a charge after 500 cycles.

Before the event, the company’s international head of communications, Daniel Desjarlais, had already commented on the manufacturer’s testing phase. “Usually, at this level of recharge with the batteries we’ve tested, after 800 charge cycles you’ll still have 80% battery life. That 20% might seem like ‘oh, I’m losing 20%,’ but that’s the pattern average on virtually all recharge technologies. And 800 cycles, for most people, will be something like two years of use,” he explains.

In addition to having fast recharge, the Mi 11T family has another peculiarity in its battery: support for low temperature recharges. According to Xiaomi, the model can be charged even when in temperatures like -10°C.

Check out more details about the Mi 11T line here.


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