Xiaomi Is Working On A 192 MP Camera Phone


Xiaomi is working on a 192 MP camera phone. One of the first users of the 200 MP resolution mobile camera sensor that Samsung is working on is expected to be Xiaomi. Although the details on the subject are not known until now; A sharing by the famous listener Digital Chat Station provides more concrete ideas. According to this post, Xiaomi will launch a phone with a 192 MP resolution camera for users.

This sensor will work with 16 pixel binning technology and will enable to obtain very clear 12 megapixel photos. This sensor, which will combine instead of cutting, will come with native 4x zoom support. Users will be able to choose from 1x to 4x zoom options.

At the heart of this phone is the Snapdragon 888’s follower, now known as the Snapdragon 895. This chipset, which has a 4 nm chip design, will also host the new generation Kryo 780 CPU processor cores. Adreno 730 GPU, Spectra 680 ISP and X65 5G modem are also among the parts of this chipset.

In the share of Digital Chat Station, it is also stated that the screen of the phone will curve to the edges and there will be a hole on the screen where the camera is placed. It looks like it will have to wait a little longer for the front camera to be placed directly inside the screen.

According to the sharing of Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi will unveil its 192 MP camera phone in late December. January is indicated for the release of the phone.