Xiaomi is reducing service support! These are the models


Xiaomi has announced the termination of authorized service support for some models. Here are the models that will not receive service support!

Xiaomi is known for owning too many smartphones. Having so many models gives the company an advantage in various fields, but also creates a lot of problems. Users especially complain about this situation when it comes to support and maintenance of updates. In addition to phones that don’t receive software support, Xiaomi is now disabling authorized service support for some models.

Xiaomi stops authorized service support for 5 more Redmi K20 Pro models

We can take our phones to an authorized service for many reasons. However, this seems to have changed for some Xiaomi models. In July, the company discontinued software support for the Redmi K20 Pro model worldwide.

Three months later, Xiaomi also hinted that it had stopped authorized service support for this model along with five phones in China. Over the weekend, the company announced the termination of after-sales support for these phones. However, after a few hours, the announcement was canceled. However, users will not be able to replace the battery, screen or other parts of their phones in an authorized service.

The company will implement this solution only in China for the time being. There is no information yet on whether the solution will be applied globally later. According to the announcement, the phones that will not have authorized service in China are as follows:

Mi 9 Transparent version
Redmi K20 Pro
Redmi K20 Pro Premium
Mi 8 SE
Mi 9 SE

There is a big secret in the implementation of this support, since the announcement was canceled and has not yet been restored. Therefore, Xiaomi is expected to make a new statement on this. In addition, there is no such information from the global side of the company. Also, if your device is on this list, it may be vulnerable to security vulnerabilities.

So, what do you think about the termination of authorized Xiaomi service support? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us in the comments section!


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