Xiaomi is No Longer Considered a Dangerous Company for the US


Xiaomi: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi will not face sanctions from the US government and is officially released from the list of potentially dangerous companies for the country. The information comes from an official document, published on the company’s blog.

On Tuesday, a district court in Columbia ordered the Department of Defense to remove the mark from the list of companies considered “communist military companies”. In this way, it is free from any accusations regarding involvement with the Chinese government and the use of infrastructure to pass on information.

This could result not only in investigations by the government, but also commercial sanctions, preventing the sale of products or services, and even a ban on partnerships with platform and component suppliers – something that has been happening with Huawei since 2019.

Remember the soap opera

The case began in January of this year, when Donald Trump’s government classified Xiaomi as a “communist military company” and placed the brand on a list of potential enemies.

As a result, the manufacturer sued the US government the following month and secured a provisional injunction preventing sanctions.

The process continued in March without news, until the government finally relented in May 2021 and signaled the removal of sanctions – a measure that was only made official yesterday.