Xiaomi is here with a surprising design: Telescopic lens


Xiaomi comes up with such a variety of products that the expectations from the brand are rising. Xiaomi, which started to make a difference on the smartphone side and adds remarkable features to its devices, now comes up with a telescopic lens. Interestingly, see the video, this lens is built on a single camera and looks amazing. So, what is Xiaomi planning with its telescopic lens design?

Xiaomi telescopic lens design

One of the things that affects the smartphone preferences the most is now the camera. While the increase in the number of cameras affects people, it also raises expectations on the performance side. While the camera performance of today’s phones is measured by the number of times, Xiaomi focuses on a single camera. Xiaomi announced a new large aperture telescopic lens for smartphones.


The Xiaomi telescopic lens will basically zoom in and out of the smartphone physically, like polaroid cameras, but it is not yet clear what this zoom potential is. Having a large aperture allows this lens to receive 300 percent better light, while it is said to increase clarity by 20 percent.


In the video uploaded on Weibo, the camera of the phone fits some features into a single camera lens, which can ignite the wick of a new era. Samsung also had a similar model phone, but as Xiaomi said, if this phone with a high aperture gives the expected result, it can make a difference. We do not have clear information about this design, which attracts attention with the ability to add the features of several cameras in a single phone, but it is certain that it has features that raise expectations.


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