Xiaomi is growing in cell phones in Europe


Huawei’s fall in the smartphone sector began to show significant results in 2020. And, according to a report by Counterpoint Research, even the European market – once one of the manufacturer’s biggest assets outside China – is no longer a certainty of domain by the brand.

According to the study, Huawei’s market share in Europe went from 15% (January 2020) to 5% (December 2020), with a tendency to fall further. The main reason is the retraction of the manufacturer in the segment, especially because of the sanctions imposed by the United States government, which involves both the ban on the use of Android and the end of contracts with companies that manufacture processors. Another is the sale of the Honor sub-brand, which had the numbers added to those of the main company, but was sold to a group of investors.

The brand that benefited the most from the rival’s fall was the Chinese Xiaomi, which doubled sales last year and now has 17% of the European market, mainly in the range of high-cost devices. However, Apple (30%) and Samsung (29%) follow the leaders in the sector. The companies Oppo (5%), OnePlus (1%) and Realme (1%) close the main ranking.

Effects of covid-19

The pandemic itself had a clear effect: between February and May last year, the period from the first high of cases until the first major lockdown, device sales fell significantly and, even recovered, did not reach the same levels of 2019.

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