Xiaomi Introduces Heater Cup Powered by Wireless Charging Station


Xiaomi, a Chinese technology company, has added a new one to its small products where it touches daily life. The company unveils a heater cup powered by a wireless charging station with 10 W fast charging support.

We started to know the Chinese technology company Xiaomi when it entered every corner of our lives. The latest product of the company, which has developed technologies for daily life after the success it has achieved in the smart phone sector, was also quite interesting. Xiaomi also announced the 10W wireless charging station, the heater cup.

Xiaomi’s new glass can keep itself at 55 degrees Celsius. In order to do this, it takes the energy from wireless charging. According to Xiaomi, this method is much safer than traditional water heating methods. To keep the cup warm, just put it in the wireless charging station.

The cup, heated by wireless charging, goes into sleep mode to save power if it stays inactive for four hours. In addition, the wireless charging station that comes with the cup can also charge your phone. The charging station is equipped with 10 W fast charging support.

We’ve already seen how wide Xiaomi is appealing to a wide audience with the products it constantly releases. The small touches that the company makes on daily life products really deserve attention. Xiaomi’nin wireless charging station, which serves as a wireless charging cup heater, 189 yuan.

We also saw an example of Xiaomi’s interesting products recently. Just three days ago, the company introduced a portable nano aquarium. This aquarium self-cleaning nitrates and other wastes reduces the burden on people.

In addition, the innovative aquarium has an adjustment knob to feed the fish and adjust the oxygen balance. In addition, the portable aquarium, the flower on the water itself is water vapor. Users who want to buy this aquarium can get the product by paying 299 yuan.


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