Xiaomi introduced the new MIJIA floor cleaner


Xiaomi, which has made a name for itself with its smart home products, introduced MIJIA’s new product floor cleaner. Here are the features…


Facing its users with many technological products as well as smartphones, Xiaomi introduced the new MIJIA wireless floor cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming a part of almost every home. However, there are limitations to using these products. One of these limitations is the inability to remove stubborn stains from the floor. With its new product, Xiaomi can reach high temperatures and remove these stains.

New product from Xiaomi: Wireless floor cleaner

MIJIA high temperature cordless floor cleaner is a handheld vacuum cleaner and as the name suggests, “high temperature cleaning” is among the highlights of the device. This means that it can clean the floor with water whose temperature reaches 75 degrees with one click.

In addition, thanks to its high-temperature scrubbing feature, it can effectively dissolve stubborn stains such as sauce stains and oil stains and quickly wipe the floor.

MIJIA’s new product has a triple suction, mopping and wash cleaning properties that cleans the floor and simultaneously removes dry and wet litter. At the same time, this product is equipped with a new self-cleaning system that supports washing while mopping and has the ability to wash 15 times in 1 second.

The built-in sensor in the cleaner can monitor the level of dirt on the floor in real time. In this way, it can adjust the amount of water to be used and the suction power. Thus, it can effectively extend the battery life.

After the floor cleaning is complete, the host is placed back into the base station. The roller brush is cleaned automatically with one click. In addition, after cleaning the brush, to prevent odor and mold problems; It is dried with hot air at 55 degrees.

MIJIA high temperature cordless floor scrubber with a battery life of 35 minutes; Equipped with 780ml fresh water tank and 640ml waste water tank as standard. In addition, the product is equipped with a 3.5 inch LED display that shows the working status.

The floor cleaner will debut in China from October 20 for a retail price of 2999 yuan (approximately $466).


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