Xiaomi introduced NFC washing machine


In addition to being a smart phone brand, Xiaomi, which we are accustomed to hear with its various ecosystem products; launched the new product of the smart home appliances brand MIJIA, the pulsator (vertical) washing machine. The product stands out among its competitors by being the largest in the pulsator washing machine series.

New product from Xiaomi: washing machine with NFC

According to Xiaomi, MIJIA pulsator washing machine with a capacity of 10kg; It has the capacity to wash 48 shirts, 4 square meters of curtains, 16 jeans and clothes of a family of four at once. In addition, the machine comes with 16 professional washing programs.

Since the washing machine has many washing programs, it can be used to wash delicate or high-quality fabrics. Eight of the 16 professional washing programs can be changed with a single button on the machine. Also, thanks to the MIJIA application, it gives users access to 8 extra professional programs to choose from.

MIJIA’s newest product also includes self-cleaning and air-drying features. In the self-cleaning mode, the high-speed water flow cleans the dirt accumulated inside and outside the machine drum. In air drying, the residual moisture prevents bacterial growth in the boiler.

When we look at the design details; The body of the machine is seen to be produced from PCM (Pre – Coated Metal) material. Since the upper cover has a panoramic transparent glass design, users can easily browse inside the machine. Also, the cover comes with several safety features to prevent injury when closing.

The machine can be connected to a smart home device such as XiaoAI speaker through the MIJIA App. In this case, the speaker can be set to beep or play music as a reminder when the machine is finished washing.

The machine connects to the smartphone via NFC. In this way, you can help someone who does not know how to do laundry at home, much more easily than by remote control.

Xiaomi previously released models with 3kg, 5.5kg and 8kg capacities ranging from 666-999 yuan. Since this model has a carrying capacity of 10 kg; It makes its debut with a retail price of 1,599 yuan (about $ 250). There is no clear information about whether it will be offered for sale in our country yet.


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