Xiaomi, Important Detail About 200W Charging Technology

Xiaomi had announced the 200W fast charging technology a while ago. Xiaomi answered questions about whether this very fast technology compromises phone battery safety at a Q&A event.

Slides shared by Xiaomi show how heat dissipation occurs during 200W charging. In addition to this, it also provides information on how fast charging can affect the phone. According to Xiaomi’s predictions, the capacity of batteries filled with 200W technology decreases by 20 percent after 800 charging processes. This equates to a little over two years in a scenario where the phone is charged every day.

To give an example, in line with the information shared by Xiaomi, the battery capacity of 5000 mAh is reduced to 4000 mAh after 800 charges. The company shows that Chinese institutions demand at least 60 percent after 400 charges, and the new technology meets that.

Xiaomi 200W charging technology does not differ from standard charging in reducing the life of the battery. No matter how slowly the phone charges, the battery life decreases after 800 charges. The phone heats up during charging and temperature is the number one enemy of the battery, so there’s no difference between a 10-minute 200W charge or a 5-hour 5W charge. In short, fast charging has no extra effect in this regard.



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