Xiaomi HyperCharge: New Technology Charges Cell Phone in 8 Minutes

Xiaomi: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi presented this Sunday (30) two new smartphone charging technologies under the HyperCharge brand.

The most impressive equipment is the new wired charging mode. It has 200W and, according to the brand’s demonstration, is capable of taking a device from zero to 100% in just eight minutes — and it takes just three minutes for the device to be usable with half the battery.

Check out the demonstration below:

In this case, a modified version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000 mAh battery was used in the test. According to Xiaomi, this is a new world record in the category.

Wireless but also fast

The second technology demonstrated is a 120W wireless charging, which would also have set a record. She gets a full recharge in 15 minutes. The procedure is different from Mi Air Charge, which was introduced in January 2021 and transfers energy at a distance.

For now, both technologies are not expected to be employed in Xiaomi’s commercial products. The brand still needs to work with the negative effects of this type of technology: recent studies show that the battery can degrade more quickly at high charging speeds and have a reduced lifespan.



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