Xiaomi: How To Change The Loading Screen Animation


Xiaomi: The Android operating system guarantees a lot of freedom for users and MIUI, the interface used in Xiaomi’s mobile phones, has a lot of customization options. In addition to seeking innovations in hardware, the Chinese manufacturer usually invests in software and has a solution that allows not only to change wallpapers and icons, but also animations of the device’s loading and boot screen.

The customization function is available through the “Themes” application, which comes pre-installed on Xiaomi smartphones, including models sold directly in Brazil. MIUI’s personalization tool allows you to make deep visual changes to your phone without rooting, a procedure that grants high permissions within Android, but can open security holes.

Changing the loading animation

To customize the recharge animation on your Xiaomi phone, follow these steps:

Open the Themes app
Download a loading animation compatible theme (list below)
Click on the Profile tab in the lower right corner of the app
Select the Customize Theme option
Click on the Lock Style option and activate one of the themes with the loading animation by clicking Apply
Return to the Lock Style page and click Customize
Find the Upload option and select the animation you want


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