Xiaomi hits Apple: sending a charger


The contents of the box prepared for the iPhone 12 have been discussed for days. Apple’s desire to sell both the headset and the charging adapter separately from now on has left its mark on the technology agenda.

An interesting move came after Xiaomi introduced the iPhone 12. Saying that he wanted to make a reminder to his customers from his Twitter account, the Chinese company started a verbal duel by sending a charger adapter.

iPhone 12 caused controversy with box contents

Technology companies that prefer to taunt each other verbally in the technology world can use the strategy that they criticize after a while. In the relevant Twitter post made by Xiaomi, we understand that the Chinese company is sure of itself.

From now on, there will be no charging adapters and headphones in the boxes prepared for all iPhone models. This strategy was first applied to iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR models. Other iPhone models will also be subject to such an application.

iPhone 12 kutu içeriği

“Don’t worry, we haven’t removed anything from the Mi 10T Pro’s box.” referring directly to Apple with the sentence, Xiaomi released a 5-second video. From now on, Apple will continue with a 20W charging adapter and a wireless charger named MagSafe.

Aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 39 percent, Apple also wants to reduce shipping costs. According to many people, Xiaomi will also adapt and implement this strategy of Apple. The box content for the iPhone 12 seems to be discussed more.

In the coming days, we will witness the competition between iPhone 12 and Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. Which model do you think will be more successful? What do you think about the box of the iPhone 12? We are waiting your comments.


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