Xiaomi health app will check your heart rate


Last year, Xiaomi introduced a new system application called MIUI Health. This app offers a number of features such as step tracking with support for running, cycling and stair climbing, sleep monitoring through the user’s movements and snoring, and menstrual cycle tracking. Now with version 2.7.4, the app has a new heart rate monitoring feature.

Until a few years ago, Samsung used to provide heart rate sensors in its flagship smartphones. But with the rise of trackers and smartwatches on the market, the company stopped including them. Another reason to drop them is to save space for some other components.

With the camera and the flash you can know your heart rate

Now, Xiaomi has now implemented heart rate monitoring in its MIUI Health app without relying on a dedicated sensor. The app users phone camera and LED flash to measure heart rate.

MIUI Health v2.7.4 and the new heart rate monitoring feature were first shared by a telegram channel called @MiuiSystemUpdates (via XDA Developers).

According to the screenshots and a video shared by the channel, to measure their heart rate, users will have to cover the camera and the LED flash of their phone with one of their fingers until the progress bar is filled. Then, they select their current state in a pop-up, which includes the general state, the state of rest and after the exercise.

It will have a history so you can see it whenever you want

As in the Mi Fit app, users will have access to a dashboard that shows the history of their heart rate measurements. With that said, we are not sure how accurate these readings will be.

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The MIUI Health app was initially limited to the Chinese version of MIUI 12. But now, it is also available in other countries on certain devices.


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