Xiaomi has released firmware update for Mi Router AX6000


Xiaomi started making available, on Monday (01), the first firmware update for the latest model of its line of routers, the Mi Router AX6000, which was made official a few weeks ago for the Chinese market.

With the new firmware version, the company’s new router receives some connection improvements, as well as bug fixes found since its launch. Improvements include improved system performance and stability, as well as the removal of a network-related failure with mesh technology.

The new update has started to be released in stages for the owners of the Mi Router AX6000 in their home country, China, and, over the next few days, the entire base of routers should already be updated.

The Mi Router AX6000 was introduced a few weeks ago and hit stores with a wireless rate of 6,000 megabytes, the highest of Xiaomi’s products. In addition, it has support for the 4K QAM network port and has a maximum speed of 2500M.

The router is equipped with a Qualcomm chipset, has 512 MB of RAM and allows access to up to 248 devices simultaneously. It also features six independent signal amplifiers and Xiaomi Mesh network technology.

It was presented on the Chinese market for CN ¥ 599 (about R $ 506 in direct conversion). So far, however, there is no forecast for Xiaomi to make the router available for sale in markets outside its home country. Meanwhile, the model AX3600, of the previous generation, has had a cut in its price, also in its country of origin.


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