Xiaomi has patented the first electric vehicle charging system, which it produced as a competitor to Tesla


Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has patented the first charger for an electric car. According to the claims, this charger can only be compatible with the Xiaomi electric car.
Xiaomi, which officially opened its car manufacturing plant in September last year, also shared images of the electric car it was working on.

Of course, while working on his electric car, he is also trying to develop electric vehicle charging technology. According to information published today, Xiaomi has patented the first home electric vehicle charging system.

Can it compete with Tesla (?)

When we study the patent obtained by Xiaomi, it is noteworthy that this new charger is suitable for the electrical networks of homes and companies. This means that the company’s charger will be similar to the chargers that Tesla uses at home. In addition, it is believed that the device, which is claimed to be “smart” and “automatic”, supports fast charging and adaptive charging, just like mobile phones.

The patent for the charger, which usually contains information about the design of the internal circuit, has been officially approved by the World Patent Office. However, the fact that there is no information about the charging port in the patent information may indicate that this electric car charger may only be suitable for Xiaomi electric car.

In this case, users of Tesla and other brands of electric vehicles will not be able to use this charger. However, according to some information that has already appeared, Xiaomi may introduce two chargers for electric vehicles, one for its own car, the other faster, and the other universal.


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