Xiaomi has given date for under-screen camera phones!


We have announced that the ZTE Axon 20 5G will be the first phone to use under-screen camera technology. With a few days left for the promotion of this phone, Xiaomi introduced the third generation solution it has developed for under-screen camera technology.

Xiaomi has given the date for the under-screen camera!

Xiaomi’s vice president posted on his Weibo account, stating that the company is ready for mass production for the third-generation under-screen camera technology, and posted a video showing how the technology works.

Xiaomi states that in the technology it has developed, the part where the camera is located is at a level that cannot be noticed under normal conditions. To achieve this, there are twice as many pixels on the circle where the camera is located. This ensures the same pixel density and color accuracy as the rest of the screen.

Of course, we do not have the opportunity to see this technology in action right now. For this reason, we are content with accepting the information shared by Xiaomi as correct, it is emphasized that there is no compromise on image quality in the photographs taken with the third generation under-screen camera technology.

Mass production of phones using this technology will begin next year. In this context, there is a possibility that Xiaomi Mi 11 will come with under-screen camera technology.

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