Xiaomi Guarantees: 120W Charger Does Not Spoil Cell Battery


Xiaomi will present next Wednesday (15) the Xiaomi 11T Pro smartphone, a global model that will have HyperCharge technology as a highlight. From there, the charger that comes with the model will have 120W, more than double that of the Mi 11 accessory (55W).

The good thing is that recharging from zero to 100% can take just over 20 minutes. The technology was approved in China in 2020 and was already used in exclusive models in the country or purchased by import. However, many consumers are still wary of this technology as it can quickly degrade battery life because of its intensity.

All right?

In an interview with The Verge website, the company’s international head of communications, Daniel Desjarlais, guaranteed that there were many tests carried out by the manufacturer to ensure safety and performance, without bringing negative points that are unprecedented for the consumer.

The executive also said that there is an internal temperature control system and several other mechanisms that act during the process. Thanks to these advances, he said, it will be more common to see chargers of 120W or more around in affordable models over time.

“Usually at this level of recharge with the batteries we’ve tested, after 800 charge cycles you’ll still have 80% battery life. That 20% might seem like ‘oh, I’m losing 20%,’ but that’s the pattern average on pretty much all charging technologies. And 800 cycles, for most people, will be something like two years of use. So it’s pretty solid,” he explains.

It is worth remembering that this controversy has appeared before: after presenting the 200W HyperCharge and being asked about the health of the batteries, the company confirmed that there is a degradation. However, the company also cited such 20% after 800 recharge cycles.


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