Xiaomi gives up Android One program


Xiaomi has taken a step to upset those who love the pure version of Android by deciding to leave the Android One program. As part of the Android One program, the Chinese manufacturer has reached a considerable audience, especially in the Western markets, with its Mi A series devices and offered a powerful alternative to those who want a clean Android experience.

This decision of Xiaomi means that the device named Mi A4, which is expected to be the follower of Mi A3, will not be released. It is not known why the Chinese manufacturer made such a decision. However, the first possibility that comes to mind is that Xiaomi has a problem preparing and distributing updates for these phones.

Xiaomi is known to be slow to update the Mi A series. This causes one of the most attractive aspects of the Android One program to be missing.

Xiaomi is not the only manufacturer coming out of the Android One program. Motorola is also moving away from the Android One program. The company adds some features to the pure Android experience on their phones. HMD Global, the manufacturer of Nokia smartphones, remains the strongest player on the Android One front.

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