Xiaomi Gives Redmi Note 10 5G As Prize in PUBG Mobile Tournament


Xiaomi: Last Thursday (22), Xiaomi released the result of its international PUBG Mobile tournament. The event tested the skills of hundreds of teams from 12 countries to reveal which would be the only one to “try chicken for dinner” — a good-natured expression presented at the end of the game for the victorious players.

After the knockout rounds, the 12 finalist teams played in the final matches, which took place over the last 17th of July. With narration by professional commentators ImPERium and Maxman, the games were broadcast to over 170,000 PUBG Mobile fans directly on Xiaomi’s official channels.

The event was attended by the following regions, representing their respective markets: Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Poland, Colombia, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Morocco, Belgium, Egypt, Netherlands and Pakistan — the latter being the champion, represented by the rookie team Rage.

Winners were awarded a Redmi Note 10 5G, while second and third place were awarded Xiaomi headphones. In addition, prizes were also raffled for viewers, who had the opportunity to win cell phones and other branded devices during the broadcasts of the matches.

According to Xiaomi, the event was a “mutual success” and brought PUBG Mobile fans closer to the brand, as well as allowing a novice team to have the opportunity to be considered “world champion” when they debuted on the professional game scene. .


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