Xiaomi Fixed Dozens Of Problems In The Miui Interface!


Xiaomi MIUI, interface issues fixed. The update is currently rolling out to beta users. Xiaomi MIUI interface offers different experiences to users with its various features. However, as in every interface, there are some errors in MIUI. Here, the Chinese manufacturer states that it has fixed dozens of problems detected with the latest beta updates.

The new update released in week 503 fixes many problems detected in the MIUI interface. This update for beta users fixes most of the other software bugs from small window to screen, Wi-Fi issues.

All problems are fixed with MIUI 12.5 beta latest update

According to the official statement made by Xiaomi, in the update released this week, the existing MIUI boot logo was replaced with the company’s new logo instead of the light cone. This logo is currently downloading the beta update; It can be used on Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Youth Edition and many more.

Here are the latest fixes to the MIUI interface

  • The device would reboot when users run the phone in small window mode in landscape screen state. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed an unusual character issue after entering “%” in the post-update notes app.
  • Fixed issues that prevented the phone interface from appearing in incoming calls.
  • The alarm clock and reminders were showing abnormal images from time to time. This issue has been fixed in the latest beta version of the MIUI interface.
  • Optimized the notification filter function to display icons.
  • A white dot appeared in the upper right corner of the notification bar in the horizontal screen position. This issue is fixed with the new update.
  • Fixed notification sizes inconsistency issues.
  • Fixed the inconsistency in brightness adjustment speed for Mi 11 users. Users can now turn the brightness down and up more easily.
  • Optimized the animation of the control center Wi-Fi secondary page. Subsequently, the scroll up and down functionality has also been optimized.


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