Xiaomi files 7 patents for foldable phones at once


Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has not yet officially entered the foldable smartphone market, but has invested heavily in internal research and patent development in the sector. According to the Let’s Go Digital website, the company recorded seven possible visuals for the company’s flexible screen phone.

The registration made by Xiaomi shows all the possibilities already tried in this segment, with basic differences in the number of cameras or the positioning of the physical buttons. Three of the images show patents for a foldable model in the “flip” or shell style, with vertical closure – along the lines of the Moto Razr or Galaxy Z Flip.

Two of the designs registered by the brand suggest the absence of a notch or hole in the screen for the front camera, which means that it can be positioned under the display. In addition, another of the variants features a set of four lenses at the rear, in addition to the LED flash.

Another model taken into account by Xiaomi in the remaining four patents is the most traditional folding cell phone, which looks like a tablet when opened and, when closed, has dimensions close to a smartphone. This device would work close to the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

In two of the registered models, however, the look is more reminiscent of the Mi Mix Alpha, the conceptual model presented by the brand with a screen that involves almost the entire body of the device.

It is worth remembering that the registration of patents does not necessarily mean the commercial launch of these models. However, Xiaomi has even released prototypes of foldable models before and even made other patent registrations, which means that it is already advanced in the industry and can make its debut in it in 2021.


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