Xiaomi electric car: development would be starting soon


More rumors point out that Xiaomi is going to make an onslaught in the electric car market. According to details from the Chinese media, the company will start working actively on “Mi Car” in the coming months.

As with previous speculation, the new rumor points out that Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun is the leader of the company’s endeavor in the electric car market. The executive would have already contacted car manufacturers in China and would be studying ways to build a vehicle, in addition to partnerships with industry giants, such as BYD.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the person responsible for the division that will assemble the car would be Wang Chuan, co-founder and vice president of Xiaomi. The company’s goal would be to start working on the vehicle in the coming months.

Idea on the table

Xiaomi has not officially commented on the matter and all information should be treated as rumors. Over the past month, the company has dismissed rumors that it would launch a vehicle, but said the company does not rule out the possibility.

According to a statement sent to sites like Xiaomi Today, the company said it “is not ready” to launch an electric car today. However, the smartphone maker has revealed that it is always studying new markets and does not rule out the idea of ​​making a vehicle.

“The Xiaomi Group has always been interested in the development of an electric vehicle ecosystem,” said the company, revealing that ideas for the sector have not yet been developed. “The Xiaomi Group’s research team in the field of electric vehicles has not yet reached the official stage of the project.”


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