Xiaomi electric car details revealed


Xiaomi electric car will join the market. There was no information about the Xiaomi electric car. Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, shared details about the vehicle. Joining a live broadcast on Douyin (a live streaming platform in China), Jun revealed details of a survey conducted on Weibo (microblogging site in China). With the details revealed, it shed light on Xiaomi electric car.

Details about the Xiaomi electric car

“The first car will be either a sedan or an SUV,” Jun shared the results of a survey of 15,000 people. It will definitely not be a sports car or a caravan, ”he said. While 40 percent of the people surveyed voted for the SUV, 45 percent chose the sedan. Xiaomi electric car will have a price between 150 thousand dollars and 457 thousand dollars. “People want Xiaomi to produce mid to high-end electric vehicles,” said Lei Jun.

Tesla Model 3, which is currently sold in China, has a price tag of 380 thousand dollars. Xiaomi has to produce an electric vehicle of this level and keep the price low. Jun explained that they are doing research on how the Xiaomi electric car should be branded as a Mi product or under another sub-brand. The market decided that the brand of the vehicle should be Xiaomi. Jun says 75 days of research and discussion took place before processing the electric vehicle division. It is expected that Xiaomi’s first vehicle will take about three years to hit the roads.


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