Xiaomi detonates the bomb: electric car is coming


Initiatives of smartphone manufacturers in the electric car industry continue. An official statement came from Xiaomi, who spoke about entering the electric car industry last month and denied these allegations.

In the statement made from the official Twitter account of Xiaomi, it is announced that the company will make a great investment in this sector, and details about when we can see the vehicle called Xiaomi Smart Electric Car.

Xiaomi electric car becomes official

A huge investment is coming from the company about the electric car, where details will be revealed at the second event to be held today. The company announced that it will make an investment of $ 10 billion for the electric car industry and stated that the electric car is expected to hit the road in the next three years.

The names close to the company stated that an electric car called Xiaomi Car (Mi Car) will be produced. Another detail in the statement is that this process does not only cover automobiles. If you look at the description of Xiaomi Smart Electric Vehicles, a more diverse range of products in the style of the Mi Scooter is considered.

As it is known, it is a fact that technology giants such as Apple, Google, Sony and Huawei have a great interest in the field of electric vehicles. Moreover, considering the increase in electric car demand in mainland China, Xiaomi’s car may come across earlier than the aforementioned time.

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