Xiaomi Creates Special Team To Fix MIUI Issues


Xiaomi: This Tuesday morning (15), Xiaomi officially announced that the company created the “MIUI Pioneer Group” a week ago, whose members will work on solving the various problems pointed out by users of the operating system. The committee is also committed to publishing a periodic report reporting its progress to the entire user community.

Founding product of Xiaomi, when it was still a software company in 2010, the MIUI operating system was introduced as a refreshing Android skin. Over time, however, the instability of the interface and the repeated bugs and performance issues have made the system something of a curse for the Chinese manufacturer.

Profiles on Weibo released for suggestions

Now, with many rumors talking about the imminent release of MIUI 13, Xiaomi’s move is more than welcome, and necessary to resolve the large number of reported issues. MIUI has been hailed by many critics as the “Achilles’ heel” in a brand that has been setting historic records in production and revenue.

To ensure that the brand’s global users have access to the new MIUI Pioneer Group, where all members are Chinese, Xiaomi is posting the addresses of participants on Weibo, the “Chinese version” of Twitter, so they can be connected directly via anyone who has suggestions or criticisms about Xiaomi’s operating system.