Xiaomi confirms launch of Mi Mix 4 and tablet in 2021


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun confirmed on Monday (08) that the Mi Mix 4 will be announced “later this year”. In a previous post on the Chinese social network Weibo, the executive classified the model as the most expensive of Xiaomi. Although the information is still scarce, the expectation is that the fourth generation of the Mi Mix will bring a foldable design similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 – if the rumor is confirmed, this will be the first folding of the brand and the price should not be very friendly .

Like Jun, some company executives also used Weibo to reveal another hot news: Xiaomi will launch a tablet next to the Mi Mix 4. This news, however, is still a big question mark. So far, neither the model name is known. But expectations are high compared to the company’s latest tablet, the Mi Pab 4.

Mi Mix 4 with cascading screen

The Mi Mix line has a history of innovations. The third generation, launched in 2018, had an end-to-end screen with a slider mechanism, which hid the front cameras. But in terms of novelty, the Mi Mix Alpha stands out. The model, which would be launched in 2019, featured a futuristic design with a screen that extended to the rear, where a strip housed the camera. Although it did not reach the market due to the highly complex production, the model definitely attracted the spotlight.

The line, however, was forgotten by the manufacturer for two years. But with the confirmation of Lei Jun, fans can already get excited. And considering the weight history we mentioned briefly, the Mi Mix 4 is already the target of high expectations. So far, we already know that the model, in addition to being foldable, may have a cascading screen – not only on the sides, but on all edges.

The information so far is promising, but new details are expected to be revealed soon. Now, we can only wait for the next announcements from the manufacturer.


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