Xiaomi CEO has officially announced: 12S Ultra, specially made for China, will be available worldwide!


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced the good news that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra series will be available for sale worldwide, and he shared it on Twitter.

Xiaomi has always been a popular brand in Turkey until today. The latest Xiaomi series, which is often used in Turkey at a very reasonable price for outstanding performance, was the Xiaomi 12S series, which we also talked about in detail.

Lei Jun, CEO of the Chinese tech giant, shared new information that will delight Xiaomi fans, quoting a review of Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Let’s look at the details together.

“The new Ultra device will enter the world market!”

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said in a Twitter post, “The new version of Ultra will be available in our global markets,” and shared a review of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra below. This is where things get a little weird because we didn’t quite understand exactly what he meant.

Since Lei Jun has a review of the 12S Ultra in the post, at the moment we are not sure if there will be another version of the 12S Ultra or a new addition to the Ultra model. However, we predict that the 12S Ultra will be an updated version. Of course, this new news has sparked rumors that the Xiaomi 13 series may also go on sale worldwide. There have been no statements about the higher version and the 13 series yet.


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