Xiaomi CC9 Pro Receives High Sound Quality Certification


Xiaomi will launch its new flagship CC9 Pro in China on November 5th. A new technology of the device was announced from the company’s official Weibo account.

On November 5, Xiaomi will introduce its new flagship CC9 Pro in the Chinese market. Although most of the important details about the phone are open to the market, the small details are only recently revealed. One of them was the certification of the audio technology of the device.

The new Xiaomi CC9 Pro receives HI-RES AUDIO certification for audio technology. This means that the audio output quality of the device exceeds the audio output quality of CDs.

The phone also features a large 1CC ring. This doubles the sound output compared to the previous generation. Thus, Xiaomi produces both higher quality and higher level audio output.

This audio standard is an audio standard designed by Sony, developed by JAS (Japanese Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). This standard is used for sound samples higher than 44.1 kHz and deeper than 16 bits.

The new device features the Snapdragon 730G operating chip. With a similar architecture to the Snapdragon 855, this processor is 35% more efficient than its predecessor. The graphics processor shows a 25% increase, while the artificial intelligence performance is doubled.

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