Xiaomi: Camera Under The Screen That ‘Rotates’ is Shown in New Patent

Xiaomi: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has filed a patent that could result in a new camera model for smartphones.

According to the Let’s Go Digital website, the brand’s technology involves a rear camera that can be modified so that one of the sensors can also be used as a front camera – but in the format under the screen, being below the display, as in the case of the ZTE Axon 20 5G. The model, presented in 2020, had the feature heavily criticized during the launch period.

The operation is not technically explained in detail, but a scheme of small motors and magnets causes one of the cameras to “rotate” to operate on the other side. In this way, the screen would have no holes or notches, being entirely dedicated to the display of content.

It is worth remembering that the registration of patents does not necessarily imply the transformation of the resource into a function of a commercial product. Still, the company has been experimenting for some years with new camera functions, especially in the Mi Mix line. The camera technology under the screen has also been detailed by TecMundo in video.



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