Xiaomi becomes the 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world


According to data from Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi overtook Huawei in mobile phone sales in February and became the third largest smartphone maker in the world. The manufacturer lagged behind Apple and Samsung, which remains the industry leader globally despite the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

According to the consultancy, the smartphone market suffered from falls at the beginning of the year and Huawei was the company that most felt the blow, which was positive for Xiaomi. According to the data, the number of devices delivered globally fell 38% over the previous year.

Huawei’s numbers have been declining since last year because of the company’s problems with the United States, and the Coronavirus crisis in China has apparently affected the company’s sales dramatically. Strategy Analytics points out that the firm delivered 12.2 million smartphones in January, while the amount was 5.5 million units the following month.

In the case of Xiaomi, the drop was more friendly, which guaranteed the third place in the ranking of the largest companies in the industry for the manufacturer. The company delivered 10 million cell phones to retailers in the first month of 2020 and saw the number drop to 6 million devices in February.

Despite maintaining their positions, Samsung and Apple also suffered from the market downturn. The owner of the Galaxy smartphones managed to ship 18.2 million cell phones to the market in February, while the iPhones company had 10.2 million units delivered, according to Strategy Analytics.


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