Xiaomi at home: products to modernize your day to day


Xiaomi is a brand recognized worldwide for its quality and cost-effectiveness. The brand has an incredible portfolio, with a great diversity of gadgets that go far beyond the well-known smartphones.

And to cover various markets and technology segments, Xiaomi has several subsidiaries such as Mijia, Yeelight, among others. These subsidiaries offer products for the home and personal use, such as smart bulbs, shavers and more.

In this content, we separated some different products that Xiaomi offers, from electric toothbrush to robot vacuum cleaner. Check out.

Xiaomi Mi Motion Activated Nitght Light 2 lamp

With a magnet or adhesive fixing system, the Mi Motion Activated Nitght Light 2 intelligent luminaire detects infrared distance movements with a 120º detection area, the equivalent of 5 to 7 meters away. The light remains on for approximately 15 seconds, and the color temperature is 2800 K.

Xiaomi EX3 Electric Toothbrush

The EX3 electric brush guarantees deep cleaning from its high vibration frequency (about 100 to 200 times per minute). It also has three cleaning modes, with the goal of whitening teeth. Its schedule separates brushing into four distinct areas, with 30 seconds of brushing for each one. To remind the user to change the cleaning area, it shakes. And when it reaches 2 minutes of brushing, it automatically turns off.

Smart Lamp Xiaomi Yeelight E27

Compatible with Android, IOS, Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTT, this smart Wi-Fi lamp has a standard input, which is suitable for various types of lighting devices.

With the application Mijia APP the user can make adjustments of brightness, temperature and color directly from the screen of your phone, even without being at home. The device also allows voice control. The smart lamp also saves energy by up to 83%, without loss of brightness or quality.

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