Xiaomi Announces Smoovie Infrared Camera Detector


Xiaomi has announced the Smoovie brand multifunctional infrared camera detector. The detector can monitor the surrounding cameras and protect against theft as an alarm.

In the digital age, privacy has become an important issue. Cameras are now everywhere and sometimes people can get into trouble with spy cameras. Smoovie, a company affiliated with Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, announced the infrared camera detector called Multifunctional Infrared Detector.

The first step to use the camera detector is to turn on the power switch on the side. Then you activate the infrared scanning mode by short pressing the function key. Finally, by moving your eye closer to the detection window, you can adjust the flashing frequency of the red light with the help of the function key. When scanning the environment, suspicious items such as hidden cameras can be noticed because they shine.

The Smoovie Multifunction Infrared Detector has a built-in 3D versatile vibration sensor. The sensor is very sensitive and can be used against theft. Just hang or place the device on your valuables. The detector gives a very loud alarm and vibrates when it feels vibrate to prevent your items from being lost or stolen.

The infrared detector contains 230 mAh lithium battery and supports USB and charging. Thus, the battery does not need to be replaced frequently. The battery provides 24 hours of continuous use in camera detector mode and 72 hours in alarm mode on a single charge. The design of the camera detector is compact and lightweight. The device weighs only 34 grams and has a cord that can be used for hanging anywhere. The Smoovie Infrared Camera Detector is available for $ 14.

Usage video of camera detector:


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