Xiaomi Announces Poco X2’s Launch Date and Some Features


Poco, which Xiaomi recently independently announced, will announce its new phone on February 4. Poco announced that it has created a website for Poco X2 with statements made on Twitter. The website in question reveals some of the features of the X2.

Poco, one of the sub-brands of Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, has recently become independent. Xiaomi announced that Poco has entered a new formation and the company will take place in various markets, especially in India. In fact, Xiaomi introduced only one smartphone model with the Poco brand, and did not make any attempt after this phone named Poco F1. However, according to Xiaomi, the Pocophone F1 has increased enough to prove the popularity of Poco.

Poco, which will continue its life as an independent trademark, will soon be available to consumers with a new phone model. There has been a new development regarding this phone, which will be called “X2” and spoken for a while. Statements made through Poco India’s official Twitter account reveal that the upcoming phone will be introduced on February 4.

Poco didn’t just tweet about his upcoming smartphone. The company has also created a website for the promotion of Poco X2, which reveals some features of the upcoming phone on this website. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the new phone-related features that Poco will introduce in New Delhi on February 4th.

According to the information on Poco’s website, the X2 will come with a high screen refresh rate. However, the company does not give any details about this rate. The company also makes it clear that it will use a processor of Qualcomm on its new phone. The most striking feature on the website is that this processor will be supported by a special liquid cooling system.

The claims made about the Poco X2 to date revealed that the upcoming phone would be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730G processor. Also, according to the rumors, the phone will have 256 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. Here, how much of all these rumors reflect the truth will be revealed at the event to be held in New Delhi on February 4.


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