Xiaomi Announces New Telescopic Lens


Announcing its new telescopic lens developed for smartphones, Xiaomi gave a hint that single camera phones could return. Xiaomi’s telescopic lens has a pop-out mechanism for a real camera, so it can combine the functions of many cameras into one.

No matter how advanced smartphone cameras are, they are far from catching professional cameras due to “technical” constraints such as sensor size, lens aperture. Xiaomi has announced a large-aperture telescopic lens for smartphones to avoid these technical restrictions to some extent.

The telescopic lens announced according to the statements made by the Chinese technology giant; It manages to increase the light coming to the sensor by 300 percent and the clarity by 20 percent. It is hard to guess exactly what the lens offers as Xiaomi does not explain the aperture of the lens from the f value, but it is unquestionable that it receives more light than a standard smartphone camera lens.

Recently, the telephoto lens has become indispensable, especially in the flagship segment. However, since smartphones do not have a movable lens mechanism, they cannot offer users the opportunity to manually zoom in / out. Xiaomi’s new telescopic lens, on the other hand, is able to offer manual optical zooming, as it has a mechanism that opens out like a real camera.

However, Xiaomi also announced that the lens in question has image stabilization technology. According to the company’s statements, the said image stabilization technology enables images to be up to 20 percent clearer during shooting.

It is not known when the telescopic lens announced by Xiaomi will be used on a real smartphone. However, with Xiaomi making the said lens technology available, indispensable camera features such as telephoto and main camera can be collected in a single sensor, so we can see smartphones with a single rear camera in the future as before.

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