Xiaomi announces new sensor for smart door and window


Originally presented in 2015, the Door and Windows Sensor had officially confirmed by Xiaomi the arrival of a second generation of the smart accessory for home monitoring.

As its name reveals, the Xiaomi Door and Windows Sensor 2 monitors doors and windows in real time, confirming the status in an automated way, thanks to technologies signed by Mijia, the brand’s smart home accessories division.

Among the confirmed information about the new sensor, we have that the brand revealed that it will also bring a new light sensor integrated into the project, which will allow to set reminders to open or close the integrated doors and windows based on the amount of light it identifies.

Additionally, the new accessory can be accompanied by the Mijia application and offers support to the company’s voice assistant, XiaoAI, however it is not clear whether it will have expanded support with the inclusion of Google Assistant and Alexa at some point in the future. .

Initially, the company will perform a crowdfunding on its official website in China starting this Wednesday, which will allow interested parties to pay 39 yuan (~ R $ 30) on the Xiaomi Door and Windows Sensor 2.

After the crowdfunding action, the accessory will be made available for purchase for the price of 49 yuan, that is, something around R $ 38 in direct conversion, disregarding taxes, fees and more.

For now, there is no information regarding the availability of the accessory in the Brazilian market, but considering the availability of the previous version here, we can consider its arrival in the country as probable.

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