Xiaomi Announces Face Recognition System Door Lock


Xiaomi announced its new product with the statements made on Weibo. This time, the new product of the company, which does not announce a smart phone or similar product, is a smart door lock system. Featuring FaceID-like facial recognition, the product called Smart Door Lock Pro eliminates the need for keyed locks.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has announced a product that is very different from what we are used to, with the statements made on Weibo today. This product, called “Smart Door Lock Pro”, is a face recognition device used in various environments such as a smart home. Xiaomi aims to reduce the need for keyed door locks with this product.

There was no detailed explanation about the company’s new product, but a shared poster shows that the Smart Door Lock Pro has a FaceID-like facial recognition system. Using this feature of the Smart Door Lock Pro, a user can introduce his face and unlock any door. By the way, if you think Xiaomi is new to door locks with facial recognition system, you are wrong. Because the company has been meeting consumers with various door lock systems for more than two years.

Xiaomi’s other products that served a similar purpose made the lives of consumers easier. Because with such systems, Xiaomi was setting up a smart home system. Although the authorities have not made a detailed explanation about the Smart Door Lock Pro, this product will likely have various functionalities. For example, a consumer can use this product to unlock his home, or to activate the alarm system when leaving the house.

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Xiaomi officials have not disclosed the price and accessibility of the Smart Door Lock Pro. However, according to the information in the poster, this new product will be presented to consumers in China on November 4. It seems that consumers all over the world will want to own the Smart Door Lock Pro if the product is affordable.


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