Xiaomi announces camera under the screen for 2021


Xiaomi President Shou Zi Chew published a video announcing that the camera technology under the screen developed by the company is already in its third generation, and that, starting next year, the world will be able to glimpse its first smartphones without any interference on the screen.

After reaching levels of performance unimaginable until a few years ago, when it comes to cell phones, the manufacturers started to run after the “perfect design”.

In this sense, removing the edges that surround the screen and hiding the front camera as much as possible has become the main objective of countless companies worldwide.

The technology, at last, is ready

Xiaomi had already displayed a prototype smartphone with camera under the screen since June last year. At the time, although it worked well, the technology was not yet viable.

This time, the company managed to achieve the same pixel density on the part of the screen that sits on top of the camera lens, equaling the density of the rest of the display. This allowed the Chinese to create a 100% homogeneous screen, without sacrificing the quality of the display on the lens or causing a negative impact on the quality of the photos.

The image below shows the current camera technology under the Xiaomi screen compared to the front cameras that use a notch on the screen, and the common camera technology under the screen, which has a lower pixel density.

To put it briefly, the exclusive design of the third generation of camera under the Xiaomi screen brings a circuit that further hides the components under the RGB subpixels, which further increases the light transmitted from the camera area under the screen.

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Additionally, the company has optimized its algorithm to the point that the lens under the screen has the same performance as a lens on it.

The technology will begin mass production as early as 2021.


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