Xiaomi Announces Battery and Fast Charging Capacity of Flagship Mi 10


Tomorrow, Xiaomi will introduce the new flagship Mi 10, which has been waiting for a while, with consumers. The company, which occasionally shares information about the Mi 10 series, has now announced the battery capacity of the Mi 10 and the fast charging support it will offer.

Technology enthusiasts are going through busy days now. Because, as of last night, South Korean technology giant Samsung brought its new flagship family Galaxy S20 and new phone with foldable screen Galaxy Z Flip to consumers. Tomorrow, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi will introduce its new flagship “Mi 10”, which has been spoken for a while, to consumers with its online launch.

Xiaomi has been giving information about its new phone for a while and increasing the excitement of its fans. In this context, Xiaomi officials who shared the camera performance, cooling system and some technical features of the Mi 10 series have now shared important details about the Mi 10’s battery. Descriptions from Xiaomi reveal that the Mi 10’s battery will be extremely impressive.

Sharing showing the battery capacity of Xiaomi Mi 10
According to the above share, the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 10 will be 4,500 mAh. This large capacity will support fast charging with 50 watts and wireless charging with 30 watts. The battery of the Xiaomi Mi 10 can be charged in just 45 minutes. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 10 will have the feature of reverse charging, which has attracted attention lately. In other words, consumers will be able to charge their products such as wireless headphones and smart watches with 10 watts of output power over the phone.

Making a statement in recent years, Xiaomi Vice President Chang Cheng announced that Xiaomi is working on different battery combinations. These combinations;

4.850 mAh capacity and 18 watts fast charging
4,700 mAh capacity and 30 watts fast charging
4,500 mAh capacity and 50 watts fast charging
It was stated as. When we consider the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 10, it seems that the most logical solution is that the Mi 10 Pro’s battery offers 4,700 mAh capacity and 30 watts of fast charging support. Because Xiaomi is a company that attaches importance to high-speed charging and may think that the difference of 12-watt fast charging support will be more important than 150mAh battery capacity. However, Xiaomi may also be preparing a big surprise.

Making a statement about the agenda recently, Xiaomi Product Manager Wang Teng Thomas stated that the battery is directly negatively affected as the power output of the high-speed charging support increases. Connecting his words to the upcoming Mi 10, Thomas said the Mi 10 series will be ahead of its competitors in both wired, wireless and reverse charging. If Thomas’s statements are not for PR purposes, we can say that the Mi 10 Pro, which will be announced tomorrow, may exceed expectations.

All the curiosities about the upcoming new flagship family Mi 10 of Chinese technology giant Xiaomi will be revealed by tomorrow. The event will be held over the Internet Turkey Xiaomimi clock in the morning is expected to begin by 9 am. At that time, we will be ready to transfer all the features of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series.


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