Xiaomi announced new logo, no one noticed


In addition to revealing surprising designs like an electric car and its first foldable cell phone, Xiaomi also decided to change its logo today (30). During its launch event, the company presented the renewed brand that now represents the company, but there are not many differences in the new visual identity.

The images released by the company show that the logo is practically the same as the one used by the company previously, but with rounded edges. The look makes the brand more like an app icon.

In addition to rounding the edges of its logo, Xiaomi also changed the font used in the name of the company in the extended version of the brand. Although the changes seem modest, the company spent about 20 minutes explaining the content.

Internal change

According to CEO Lei Jun, the change in the logo, which had been used for 10 years, marks an internal change in the company. The executive even toyed with the simplicity of the aesthetic change.

“Were you disappointed with this logo, which is simply more round?” Asked the executive, rhetorically. “We changed not only the square shape to the round shape, but also the internal spirit and mentality of the brand.”

In a Twitter post, the executive also revealed that the new logo was created by designer Kenya Hara and is “infused with philosophical thoughts”. According to Lei Jun, “it is the best representation of Xioami today.”

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The new Xiaomi brand has already started to be used digitally and will also appear in the future products of the Chinese manufacturer.


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