Xiaomi Amazfit Neo, a CASIO smartwatch for 39 euros


Along with the Sony Walkman or Beta / VHS videos, one of the most recognizable icons of 80s technology is CASIO watches. Clocks that lasted the longest – in strokes and in batteries – that endured dips, that had light and everything to see the time in the dark. That is the design that Xiaomi has wanted to use for its new smartwatch, the Amazfit Neo, which is totally different from the usual style of smart watches.

Xiaomi Amazfit Neo

After two premieres this August of Xiaomi Amazfit smartwatches aimed at the high-end, Xiaomi has not wanted to forget the rest of the market, and today it has surprised us with the Amazfit Neo, a smartwatch that has those two elements that have done so much for the Chinese brand: a low price and a huge autonomy in terms of battery.

With a pure 80s design from the Casio school on its dial, the Amazfit Neo looks like a simple watch, but it is not: it mounts a 1.2-inch screen that can be always active and with a very low consumption, since it is not touch and only shows 2 colors: Black and white, imitating the liquid crystal displays of the watches of the time. You can also choose to turn it off and activate it with a gesture when you go to look at the screen, as does the Mi Band bracelet for example.


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