Xiaomi agreed! New MIUI 12 version is dangerous


A newly released MIUI 12 update, unfortunately, poses a danger to Xiaomi users. Many people who said that they had battery problems due to MIUI 12 last month, cannot get the software support they want.

The Chinese firm’s focus on design changes through this software was not welcomed. Because, according to users, priority should be given to providing a flawless experience. Why are the innovations brought by the MIUI update problematic and what’s the problem?

Why is MIUI 12 update dangerous for Xiaomi models?

It was announced that the new software based on Android 11 equipped the camera application with new modes, but stabilization problems started to occur due to these modes. Xiaomi no longer recommends installing the software named MIUI

Redmi K30, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro users said that due to this software, they could not connect to the Internet with the second SIM. In addition, the touch of the screen may be disrupted during the charging process and the low FPS problem occurs in games.

MIUI 12 güncellemesi

Stating that the battery runs out very quickly, Xiaomi users stated that the phone slowed down and overheated when the screenshot was taken. It is stated that the new camera modes released thanks to MIUI provide very good advantages in important issues such as night shots, sky shots, nature shots and brightness.

Xiaomi has stopped the distribution of this update for now. Millions of people are focused on the Chinese firm’s statement on this issue. We will see what will happen in the coming days.

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