Xiaomi 200 Megapixel Smartphone Is Coming


Xiaomi 200 Megapixel camera phone will be produced. Camera features have become the first choice of users. It is claimed that the first Xiaomi 200 Megapixel camera phone will be released by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi will produce a 200 Megapixel camera phone

Producing the first smartphone sensor above 100 Megapixels, Samsung signed an agreement with Xiaomi for the first 108 Megapixel camera phone.

Preparing to introduce the Xiaomi 200 Megapixel sensor model, Samsung will allegedly share its new technology with Xiaomi first.

With its 0.64 µm pixel size, the Samsung sensor is thought to offer 4x lossless digital zoom.

The developed Xiaomi 200 Megapixel sensor offers 16K video recording, although it does not support processors yet. The sensor claimed to be used can record high quality 4K video.


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