Xiaomi 12 Ultra May Bring 200 MP Camera in 2022


Chinese Xiaomi may launch the premium smartphone Xiaomi 12 Ultra with the amazing 200 megapixel camera in 2022. The information was cited again by the leaker Digital Chat Station on its Weibo social network page.

Currently, the Mi 11 Ultra is the brand’s most powerful model in terms of photography with a 50 MP sensor. Although the presence of more pixels does not mean better photos, the manufacturer has already shown its talent to deliver great devices that help even professional photographers.

If the rumor is confirmed, the 200 MP camera could compete for the title of largest sensor available on the market with the Galaxy S22 and Nokia X60. In addition, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra should have high quality 5X zoom telephoto and ultra-wide sensors.

Interestingly, the device probably won’t take all pictures at 200 MP. Instead, the manufacturer must use a system to transform sensor information into a more detailed 16MP image.

Obviously, cell phone owners will have the option to use the full capacity of the camera to get highly detailed images. Finally, the brand is expected to fix the focus issues that have been consistently reported by Mi 11 Ultra users.

Xiaomi 12 with Snapdragon 895

Another information cited by Digital Chat Station is that the Xiaomi 12 line will be equipped with the supposed Snapdragon 895 processor from Qualcomm. Factor that will be the second attraction of the Ultra model from the Chinese manufacturer.

It is worth mentioning that the brand will retire the title “Mi” from the products, with the nomenclature being retired in the Mi 11 line. In 2022, the new devices will arrive in stores under the names Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, 12 Ultra and other variations.


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